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The Cornell University Plant Disease Diagnostic Clinic welcomes the submission of problematic plant material and soil specimens from the public, industry, and extension educators. Plant material and soil specimens are analyzed for issues such as pathogenic bacteria, fungi, viruses, and nematodes. The Clinic also provides plant and mushroom identification services.

The Clinic strives to analyze all specimens as efficiently as possible and to provide fast and accurate plant disease diagnosis. In most cases the Clinic is able to provide diagnostic results within one week of sample receipt.

Proper diagnosis is essential to managing plant diseases. Inappropriate management methods, or techniques applied at the wrong time, can waste time and money.

A written Diagnostic Reply is generated for every sample submitted to the laboratory. The Diagnostic Reply is a comprehensive sample analysis report created for sample submitters. The report explains the details of all analyses performed by the Clinic.  Reports will also include a list any available of treatment or control recommendations.

All sample submissions must include a Sample Submission form and payment of diagnostic fees in order to be analyzed. Fees for diagnostics vary by laboratory services provided. Please indicate all services requested on the Sample Submission form.